Frequently asked questions about Eyelash Extensions

They are the darling of many women across all ages due to their seductive beauty. They increase the allure of the natural look of your eyes, exuding radiance and youthfulness from the wearer. Eyelash extensions are thin strands of synthetic hairs that are fixed to the natural lashes using a special adhesive. They have a thick base and fine tips which increase the length and thickness of natural eyelashes. In addition to length, they add fullness, and help to create a more defined eye. They can be curled similarly and you will feel like they are your own. To apply them, one needs to be careful, precise and skillful. Ideally, these are done by the hands of an experienced stylist who has been trained and certified to do the job.

Artificial eyelashes have no secondary effects on the natural lashes. They can be glued on your real lashes rather than to your skin. It is painless and safe, but this should be done by someone with the right training.

No. They can’t. Whether our Clients have eyelash extensions or not, they need to exercise caution with their eyelashes. Any rubbing, tugging, or excessive pulling hard on the skin that surrounds the eyes, can causes natural lashes to fall out prematurely along with any extensions.

We request that everyone books an appointment for lash extensions since we often cannot guarantee to accommodate walk-ins. Schedule your appointment beforehand and be ready to honor it. This ensures that you will not need to wait long. We schedule the appropriate time needed for quality application of lashes.

Because of the amount of time involved in this procedure, it is crucial that some things are done before your appointment:
*    Please, remove all eye makeup by using a gentle, non-oil-containing cleanser. Eye makeup affects the adhesive bond and reduces how long your eyelash can last.
*    If you’re wearing contact lenses, remove them.
*    Wear clothing that you’ll be comfortable in. A blanket will be available if you feel cold.
*    To ensure you are comfortable and to save time, go to the bathroom before the procedure.
*    Do not rub-on face creams or sunblock on the portion of the eyes that is to be treated. Many moisturizers contain oils that prevent adhesives from sticking to the natural eyelash and shorten the lifespan of the eyelash extensions.
*    Do not wear mascara. Cleaning mascara takes a lot of time and makeup that is left can obstruct the effectiveness of the extension applied.
*    Do not put on curly eyelashes before the appointment. Extensions don’t fit well with wavy eyelashes.
*    Put your phone on the silent mode during the extension application. Communication in the treatment location is not advised because precision is required in the process. You are free to rest or listen to an audio during the extension application.
*    If you currently have eyelash extensions that were not put on by us, please schedule a removal service on your first visit. It is best to prevent the harm that comes with mixing various adhesives and materials with extensions from other salons.

On your arrival, the first thing you’ll be required to do is complete a short form of Client reference. We’ll look into your requirements and expectations after a thorough assessment. You will lay on a soothing swivel-type treatment bed and close your eyes. It is strictly advised that you remove all eye makeup before your appointment. If you are unable to do this before your appointment, we’ll have to start with this before the procedure begins. A small under-eye pad will be used to protect your lower lashes. Every non-natural lash will be soaked in a bonding solvent that has a medical grade quality and then applied to each eyelash. The choice of lash length and the quantity used is determined by the client’s requests, and the thickness and health of the natural lashes. The whole procedure often takes between 90 to 150 minutes for a complete set. Fills take between 30 to 90 minutes.

No. We can’t. We will need to remove all the existing extensions before we can apply our own lashes. Since we may not have the same refill materials which was used by a third party. We do this to avoid mixing various adhesives or materials.

Many our Clients loved the way their lashes look and wanted to maintain them, they need refills or touch-ups. This process involves the addition of lash extensions to natural lashes that generally renew after 5-6 weeks. With the proper care and maintenance, lashes can be remained with the look for as long as our Clients want. It is recommended a lashes refill 2- 3 week to keep them full beautiful.

Yes. It can. Clients should not cover eyes with a mask, pillow or blanket while sleeping, the lifespan of lashes will reduce.

No, because the curler will cause breakage to the extensions and the natural eyelashes.                              


Yes or No. The Eyelash Extension Stylish you choose can remove them easily if you want or need them removed. The stylist will use a special remover formulated uniquely, and the removal process is not painful, lasting less than half an hour. It is not safe to remove them on your own since you may damage your natural lashes.

The growth cycle and type of our hair is genetically predetermined, together with factors such as health. Generally, natural lashes have a growth cycle of 2 1/2 to 3 months over three phases. Everyone has a unique hair growth cycle, and each eyelash enters any particular phase at different times. Once the natural lashes are mature and ready to fall off, new lashes have already begun to grow. We apply lash extensions to the lashes that are in the middle of the growth cycle. These can support the weight and length of the lash extension, which will be shed together with your natural lashes. Thus your natural lashes take on a fuller appearance instantly the extensions are applied. With regular touch ups, your eyes can take on a permanent fluttery look!

After you have had your appointment, don’t allow the extensions to get wet for the first 24 hours. Don’t go to saunas, steam rooms or swimming pools, to allow the adhesive adequate time to bond to your natural lashes. Do not rub your eyes vigorously, and not tug them either. Avoid oily makeup removers. Our LASH CARE GUIDE has more information on how you can take care of your lashes.

If you are careful, the lash extensions can stay for as long as the natural lashes, but we recommend regular touch ups to maintain the full lash look. Get a refill every 14-21 days to keep them full and lush. Our Post-Appointment Care page has more information.

It is recommended that you not wear your contact lenses while the lashes are being applied. As a result of having to keep your eyes closed during the procedure, you may feel some dryness and subsequent eye irritation if you wear your contacts.

Frequently asked questions about Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is embedding coloring chemicals within the layers of the skin at a microscopic level, for beautifying purposes, to improve contour and make features of the face stand out. It is a useful method to hide burns, scars, skin coloring changes due to Vitiligo, to rectify facial anomalies, to aid facial skin revitalization and post-surgical treatments.

Both may seem to have the same features, yet permanent makeup is a different procedure altogether. Tattoo artists cannot perform this procedure on the face, only experts in micro-pigmentation can. Only the methodologies, equipment, and chemicals specially made for micro-pigmentation are utilized in facility, making it secure, clean, and pain-free.

Some redness and swelling is normal within 24 hours after the procedure. To lessen any swelling in the peri-orbital region, a cold compress can be helpful. Makeup should not be used and the treated region should be kept clean for some days. Peeling of the skin and fading of the applied color can be expected. Any added adjustments will be done in the follow-up appointments if necessary. Day to day activities can be resumed soon after. However, swimming, tanning, or strenuous exercise is best avoided for a number of days. Natural healing takes about four to seven days.

We want to give our clients full satisfaction with the outcome. Therefore, we offer a complimentary follow-up visit within 6-8 weeks of the first treatment and should additional treatments be needed in the first year.

Our Senior Specialist carries out an in-depth discussion regarding the precise coloring and contouring needed. The particular treatment and colors to suit your hair, skin tones, wardrobe and lifestyle will be recommended. In addition, she will show you the expected outcome with pencilled makeup prior to embedding the color into the skin.

We have expertise in providing clients with a near-natural look. Our first priority is client satisfaction and safety. Hence, we use only the most secure and first rated chemicals for coloring. We artistically bring about the look our clients desire with the finest brushes. For example, eyebrows are retouched using fine lines similar to feathered hair.

In every micro-pigmentation procedure, fading is normal and it depends on the exact shade utilized. Most colors remain without fading for three to five years and some stand even a decade. To maintain the enhanced look, regular touch-ups are prescribed. You can opt to change colors, for example, a natural lip color can be turned to a peachy pink.

According to the client’s health plan, a few procedures are refundable (i.e., if a scar resulting from cancer therapy or an accident).

The permanent eyeliner doesn’t change or move after surgically lifting the eyelid. Therefore, it is the same if you lift your eyes before the application of the permanent eyeliner or after that.

The procedure is carried out in germ-free environments, only with disposable needle cartridges, and with implantation equipment which is digitally operated. The procedure has no chronic adverse effects, but there may be some short-term effects like swelling, tenderness, and redness. No pigment allergies have been reported.

General advice is to wait one week at the least, before applying any permanent lip liner/color or eyeliner. After chemical peel or laser resurfacing you may be asked to wait for a few more weeks.

In contrast to tattooing or certain salons that do permanent makeup, We utilize strong topical anesthetics which drastically reduce pain. Often patients complain of a tickling sensation with minimal pain during or after the procedure.

Usually, the procedure takes between two to three hours.

Our advice is to give a few days to let the healing of eyebrows complete, prior to injection of Botox. The shape of a permanent eyebrow will not be modified by a brow lift.

Our Senior Specialist carries out an in-depth discussion regarding the precise coloring and contouring needed. The particular treatment and colors to suit your hair, skin tones, wardrobe and lifestyle will be recommended. In addition, she will show you the expected outcome with pencilled makeup prior to embedding the color into the skin.