Pre-Permanent Cosmetics Procedure

What You Need To Know Before You Start

All cosmetic procedures that are considered to be permanent involve more than one session before they are completed. These multi-session procedures require you to visit again for at least one touch-up, with a pause of up to six weeks between appointments, to assure the ideal result.

For long-lasting procedures to achieve perfect coloration, your appearance goes through an initial phase that will be significantly darker, brighter or sharper. The transition to the final, desired look depends on how long it takes the outer layer of your skin to exfoliate.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that while tattooed colors remain constant and perfect, the color of your own skin doesn’t. There are multiple factors that can lead to these variations like the exposure to heat, cold, circulatory changes and, of course, suntan. For example, let’s say that you have had a scar camouflage and your skin tans; in this case, the surrounding skin will look darker than the treated area because of the natural properties of the dermis of your skin.

  1. The procedure might swell or redden sensitive areas and delicate skin; so you might not want to make any immediate social plans a day or two after. It is also advised not to undergo any of these procedures months prior to life events such as weddings. Under certain circumstances, some procedures might take more time than expected.
  2. It is important not to wear mascara when you come for an eyeliner procedure. You can wear your normal daily makeup otherwise and bring your brow pencils to your consult, but you do not have to.
  3. There should be at least a 48 hours interval between any tweezing and/or waxing in the area where the procedure will take place. For electrolysis, the interval should be at least five days. After the procedure, do not recommence ANY hair removal method for at least two weeks.
  4. In the case of eyelash tinting or curling, and eyebrow coloring, these should not be done any sooner than 48 hours before the procedure and two weeks afterward.
  5. If you wear contact lenses, please DO NOT wear them to the procedure or for at least 48 hours after it has been done. In case you need them, bring your glasses with you. To go back to wearing your contacts, your eyes should be back to their pre-tattooed condition.
  6. For safety reasons, we recommend someone as to accompany you or drive you home after an eyeliner procedure.
  7. All blood-thinning medications including alcohol, ibuprofen or any aspirin-containing medications must be avoided seven days before and two days after any procedure takes place. Also, no judgment-altering drugs should be consumed 24 hours prior to any procedure. Please note that we recommend medical and professional advice before discontinuing any medication. If requested, a skin test can be performed.