Frequently asked questions about Eyelash Extensions


Definition of eyelash extensions

They are the darling of many women across all ages due to their seductive beauty. They increase the allure of the natural look of your eyes, exuding radiance and youthfulness from the wearer. Eyelash extensions are thin strands of synthetic hairs that are fixed to the natural lashes using a special adhesive. They have a thick base and fine tips which increase the length and thickness of natural eyelashes. In addition to length, they add fullness, and help to create a more defined eye. They can be curled similarly and you will feel like they are your own. To apply them, one needs to be careful, precise and skilful. Ideally, these are done by the hands of an experienced stylist who has been trained and certified to do the job.

Can you wear eyelash extensions? Find out more from our GUIDE FOR CLIENTS.

How do lash enhancements and eyelash extensions differ?

Eyelash extensions are individual lashes which you apply, lash-to-lash using the natural lashes as a base. They are different from other eyelashes as detailed below:

  • Clusters or flares: These comprise of groups of lashes fixed either to the skin between lashes or knotted to existing ones. They give a more natural appearance because they are attached at intervals, but risk damaging the growth of lashes in the long run, similarly to strip lashes below. When applied to the natural eyelashes, they can cause the slower growing ones to be removed by the faster-growing ones, and this may cause damage to the natural lash follicles.
  • Strip lashes: the easily bought and applied lashes that many might experiment with, as a cheaper alternative. They come on a single strip and are applied just above the lash line using an adhesive. While no special training is needed to apply them – hence their popularity – they also can look cheap and may give off a more unnatural look. Careless removal may even damage the natural lash line with premature, even complete absolute loss of the lashes.

When you book a lash appointment, ensure that you will get authentic eyelash extensions from a qualified lash stylist.

Are extensions safe? Can they cause damage to the natural lashes?

We manufacture safe eyelashes which have no secondary effects on the natural lashes. They are applied to the lashes rather than to the skin. It is painless and safe, but this should be done by someone with the right training.

Though the procedure is straightforward and safe, it is important that a person with expertise and training performs this procedure, to avoid undue injuries to the eyes, natural lashes and eyelids. Often, professionals with a background in aesthetics and cosmetology, or even nursing, seek to add this beauty-enhancing skill to their range by doing a hands-on course. They are then entitled to order the products from our shop.

Can eyelash extensions cause my own lashes to fall out?

Regardless of whether you have extensions or not, you need to exercise caution with your eyelashes. Any rubbing, tugging, or excessive pulling is hard on the skin that surrounds the eyes, and also causes some natural lashes to be pulled out prematurely along with any extensions applied.

If you use a good adhesive with the correct technique, your eyelashes will remain safe until you shed them naturally.

What should I expect in my appointment? Is there any preparation?

Click here to find more information regarding Pre-Appointment Care. If you are scheduling an appointment with us for the first time, the guide will tell you all you need to know.

Can I wear my contact lenses during the procedure?

It is recommended that you not wear your contact lenses while the lashes are being applied. As a result of having to keep your eyes closed during the procedure, you may feel some dryness and subsequent eye irritation if you wear your contacts.

Is there any need for an appointment?

We request that everyone books an appointment for lash extensions since we often cannot guarantee to accommodate walk-ins. Schedule your appointment beforehand and be ready to honor it. This ensures that you will not need to wait long, and we schedule the appropriate time needed for quality application of lashes.

Before my appointment – How should I prepare?

Please click here to learn more about our Pre-Appointment Care instruction page.  If you are planning to visit our salon, click here to learn more about our salon’s GUIDE FOR NEW CLIENTS.

I had my eyelash extensions done in another place. Can you still do them?

We will need to remove all the existing extensions before we apply lashes here, since we do not have refill services for any work done by a third party. We do this to avoid mixing various adhesives or materials. Read more about our POLICIES.

What do you mean by refills? How often will I need them?

Though many clients require eyelash extensions for special events or occasions only, the majority love them and they prefer to maintain the new look. Since you shed your natural lashes over time, they will shed the lash extensions as well. For you to maintain them, you need refills or touch-ups to substitute them. This process involves the addition of lash extensions to natural lashes that generally renew after 5-6 weeks. If you are careful about their maintenance, you can remain with the look for as long as you want. It is recommended that you refill the lashes after 14 days to keep them beautiful and full.

Can my lashes be affected by how I sleep?

Yes. If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, or if you usually cover your eyes with a mask, pillow or blanket, the lifespan of your lashes will reduce. If you are used to sleeping on the side, the eye that is on the side you sleep on will probably shed more lashes compared to the other.

Can an eyelash curler help to curl the lash extensions?

No, because the curler will cause breakage to the extensions and the natural eyelashes.                               

Can I remove the extensions?

Yes. The Eyelash Extension Stylish you choose can remove them easily if you want or need them removed. The stylist will use a special remover formulated uniquely, and the removal process is not painful, lasting less than half an hour. It is not safe to remove them on your own since you may damage your natural lashes.

What is the lifespan of my extensions and what can be done to extend it?

The growth cycle and type of our hair is genetically predetermined, together with factors such as health. Generally, natural lashes have a growth cycle of 2 1/2 to 3 months over three phases. Everyone has a unique hair growth cycle, and each eyelash enters any particular phase at different times. Once the natural lashes are mature and ready to fall off, new lashes have already begun to grow. We apply lash extensions to the lashes that are in the middle of the growth cycle. These can support the weight and length of the lash extension, which will be shed together with your natural lashes. Thus your natural lashes take on a fuller appearance instantly the extensions are applied. With regular touch ups, your eyes can take on a permanent fluttery look!

After you have had your appointment, don’t allow the extensions to get wet for the first 24 hours. Don’t go to saunas, steam rooms or swimming pools, to allow the adhesive adequate time to bond to your natural lashes. Do not rub your eyes vigorously, and not tug them either. Avoid oily makeup removers. Our LASH CARE GUIDE has more information on how you can take care of your lashes.

If you are careful, the lash extensions can stay for as long as the natural lashes, but we recommend regular touch ups to maintain the full lash look. Get a refill every 14-21 days to keep them full and lush. Our Post-Appointment Care page has more information.