Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

An aftercare treatment is often an easy one to undertake as adequate care will prolong how well your eyelash extensions last.
The 48 hours after the procedure are very important in the treatment for a long lasting bond. The adhesive must dry up properly. For this reason, it is vital you abide by these instructions:
*    Ensure they remain dry. Don’t shower or use hot water to wash your face. Don’t wet your lashes.
*    Don’t go swimming and avoid places with thermal bath or heat.
*    Don’t use lotions or oil-containing creams around or on the eyes.
*    Don’t use makeups on your eyes or lashes.
*    Avoid these treatments on the eyes – perming, chemical treatment and tinting.
*    Also avoid waxing, chemical peels or the use of laser treatments on the eye area.
*    Don’t sleep on your stomach or your side.

After the first two days, the adhesives will dry. However, some activities will reduce the strength of the adhesive bond and consequently lead to an untimely loss of the extensions. Hence, these recommendations are advised:
*    You may shower or swim but ensure not to expose yourself too much to water or heat.
*    Be mild, never rub your eyes aggressively and don’t pull the lashes because this can both pull out the eyelashes and the extension.
*     Do away with oil-containing eye products or makeup cleaning products containing oils. These kinds of products weaken the bond strength of the adhesive. We suggest you use Eye Makeup Remover facial cleanser and non-lint containing applicators to remove makeup.
*    Using mascara will reduce the longevity of the lash extensions. You may choose to use water-based mascara that is not in excess.
*    Don’t use eyelash curlers. They will ruin both the man-made and natural lashes.